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The term ‘psychotherapy’ covers a range of approaches and methods. These range from one-to-one talking sessions to therapies that use techniques such as role-play or dance to help explore people’s emotions. Some therapists work with couples, families or groups whose members share similar problems.

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I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist. I have over 15 years’ experience working in mental health and social care settings. I have experience working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, self-worth, loneliness, relationship issues, loss and bereavement.

I have worked in the rehabilitation sector as part of the NHS helping people to understand and cope with, their behaviour whilst exploring deep-rooted feelings and belief systems. I have experience of working with people struggling to come to terms with chronic health conditions and managing the impact this has upon themselves and their families.

RACHEL WEBB Psychologist

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Art therapy can be particularly effective for clients who have difficulties verbally expressing themselves. In non-clinical settings, such as art studios and workshops, the focus on creative development can be useful particularly when working with children and adolescents, as well as adults, couples, families, groups, and communities.

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It can be confusing knowing where to start and knowing what to look for. Some suggestions would be to look for those associated with a member organisation of the profession. See below for some of the most common questions asked. For a more bespoke reply please contact me directly.

Counselling is generally shorter term work, often between 6 and 12 weeks work. Psychotherapy is a longer process and often runs into years, dependant upon your needs.

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