7 reasons why partners cheat

7 reasons why partners cheat

The Sun asked UKCP Psychotherapist Toby Igham to give his thoughts on why partners are unfaithful. The article outlines seven reasons why people cheat.

One of the reasons Igham outlined was ‘Peter Pan Syndrome,’ a term he uses to highlight people who struggle with the idea of growing up.

He said: ‘Sometimes people have a fear of growing older and maturing. Instead of settling into a committed and long-term relationship

They can look for the excitement of a new partner or a series of short-term affairs,’ he explained.

Igham also explored whether a partner was seeking to escape. He said: ‘A new reality which can impact on the relationship such as having kids or looking after an ill partner can lead someone to look for a new experience.

‘This allows them to escape from their everyday life and their relationship which may have become a shadow of what it once was.’

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